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Blue Light Dallas Is Deep Ellum’s Newest Stage

Here’s an early look at Blue Light Dallas, Deep Ellum’s second new country venue of 2018 and an offshoot of the famed Lubbock red dirt spot of the same name.

Despite all the ten-gallon stereotypes that out-of-towners like to impose on Dallas, there aren’t that many music venues within the city limits that cater exclusively to country music performances.

In fact, until recently, the only place Deep Ellum had access to was the 55-year-old Adair’s Salon.

But that changed this summer as new Honky Tonk Mama Tried opened its doors in the entertainment district and across the street from Adair’s smoking patio. Meanwhile, This weekend, the number of country-focused Deep Ellum music venues is about to grow further as Blue Light Dallas opens its doors at 2811 Main Street and hosts its first concert.

More significant than Adair’s (Blue Light claims a 400-person capacity) and more music-focused than Mama Tried’s, Deep Ellum’s third country bar also boasts a name recognition its competition probably doesn’t. Over the past few decades, the Lubbock-based sister bar of the same name has become an institution and a must-visit on the touring circuit of Red Dirt and Texas country—a rite of passage into a scene that has launched careers such as Cory’s. Morrow, Wade Bowen, Pat Green, William Clark Green, Josh Abbott and, more recently, people like Flatland Cavalry and Dalton Domino.


Mark Torres, owner of Blue Light Dallas, is well aware of that history, having bartended at the original Lubbock during college. To this day, he fondly remembers the night at Blue Light when Bowen recorded his first live album, and he says it’s those kinds of memories he hopes to recreate at the Dallas offshoot.

To help it do that, it’s bringing a few recognizable touches and some welcome upgrades to its version.

Along with his co-owners Derek Hunter and Lia Sa, who own the Lubbock avatar, Torres imported many familiar aspects of the original Blue Light’s design into his Dallas build-out—the Coca-Cola mural above the bar and the Palo Duro Elements such as the landscape mural near the bathroom painted by No Dry County guitarist Briston Phillips.

Other carryovers include a trio of specialty drinks – frozen Call-a-Cab Daiquiris, Habanero-infused Burn Shots and Chiltons (a mix of vodka, lime juice and soda that has become the city of Lubbock’s signature cocktail). Otherwise, Torres says the drink menu will be designed to be simple, streamlined, and served fast.

Parker Morrow, who plays with Red Shahan and fills calendars at Lubbock bars, will also serve as a talent buyer in Dallas. Just as Kessler uses its ability to book bands for both its stage and its sister Houston venue, The Heights, the tandem Blue Light venue also hosts two-date Texas swings for pairings and bands touring the state. Hope to offer. Tours – This is a huge advantage when it comes to booking.

While some of the features will undoubtedly be familiar to fans of Lubbock Bar, Dallas’ Blue Light will naturally have some charms as well, like the metalwork Torres has installed around the bar, the wood-panelled bathrooms that (hopefully) Will win, I beg the same type of graffiti treatment found in Lubbock and a 26-by-16-foot stage that is two feet larger in either direction than Lubbock’s performance space. The Dallas venue also added a green room for the band, which included shower facilities.

Perhaps the most significant difference, however, is the presence of a small kitchen space in front of the bar, from which hand-held foods will be served at the venue – sandwiches, wraps, paninis, walking tacos, Twinkies, and other items that can be served at the venue. It can be eaten during Standing and watching the show – until closing.

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Still, This Is A Bar That Is, First And Foremost, A Live Music Venue.

Torres says he won’t even open the venue on a night when there’s no band scheduled to perform on stage. For now, Torres says he hopes to keep his doors open Wednesday through Saturday from 6 p.m. to 2 p.m., along with another Lubbock import, Monday night singer-songwriter programs hosted by former Lubbock musician Zack Wilkerson, who recently moved to Dallas, helping fill out the opening week’s calendar.

Your first chance to check out the new venue for yourself will come this Friday, October 19, when Lubbock headliner Dalton Domino will headline Blue Light Dallas’ inaugural concert. On Saturday, October 20, Charlie Schafter of Denton will headline. Both of those shows and the first several shows held in the room will be free to attend.

Other notable shows confirmed on the Blue Light Dallas calendar include Adam Hood on November 2 and Austin Mead on December 14.

And even as the number of Deep Ellum country bars is now three times where it was at the beginning of the year, Blue Light’s ownership isn’t worried about finding its

Blue Light Bar And Grill Dallas TX

Tips To Increase Profits With Your Bar

If you have a bar, cafeteria, restaurant, or any other type of hospitality business, there are smost important tips that you can follow to increase profits with your bar.

Dallas is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the world for its picturesque towns, stunning beaches, and tasty food. Hospitality businesses, such as bars, cafeterias, and restaurants, can be very profitable if we know how to manage them correctly. However, increasing profits in a bar is becoming more complicated every day, mainly due to competition and the increase in fixed costs such as rent or raw materials.

This article will give you four handy tips to increase profits in your hospitality business, whether a bar or a cafeteria. However, they also perfectly apply to restaurants or other catering businesses.

Increase The Influx Of Customers To Your Bar.

Dallas has the most bars and restaurants per inhabitant in the world. According to the National Institute of Statistics, there are more than 277,000 catering establishments in our country. This means that for every 170 inhabitants, there is a bar, cafeteria, or restaurant.

This means that there is great competition in the restaurant sector. That is why it is crucial that if you run a bar, cafeteria, or restaurant, you find ways to attract new customers and keep the ones you already have. While many strategies can be used to achieve this goal, here are three of the most effective:

Create A Comfortable Atmosphere In Your Bar.

The first impression is so important, so the atmosphere of your bar or cafeteria should be attractive and welcoming. You can achieve this through thoughtful design, friendly staff, and a focus on providing exceptional customer service.

Offer Something Unique

To stand out from the competition, your hospitality business must offer something that other bars don’t. This can be anything from a unique concept or menu to attractive decor or atmosphere.

Offer Special Offers And Discounts.

You have many different ways to offer discounts and special offers in your bar. For example, some restaurants offer a percentage off the bill for large groups. Others have a kind of “happy hour” with reduced prices on certain menu items on specific days or times, usually when they are less crowded.

Control Very Well The Accounting Of Your Bar.

Income and expenses are the two main pillars of accounting in a restaurant business. The first step is to keep track of all income and the sources where it comes from (customer payments, gaming or tobacco machines, home service, etc.) This will give you an idea of ​​how much money you are coming in and where it comes from.

Next, keep track of all your spending. This includes everything from vendor invoices to personnel and supply costs. Knowing where your money is going will help you make better decisions about how to spend it.

Finally, create a system that works for you and your team. This may involve setting up different accounts for different income and expenses or as simple as creating a spreadsheet to keep track of everything. The important thing is that you have a way to stay on top of your finances to keep your bar running smoothly.

Keeping business accounting under control is not always an easy task. If it is something that you are not good at or you do not have time for it, your advice can help you with this issue. Having a good accounting and tax advisor can save you a lot of money with your bar at the end of the year.

Carry Out An Effective Marketing Strategy For Your Bar

In today’s world, it’s more important than ever for bars to have an effective marketing strategy. With so much competition, making your bar stand out from the crowd can be difficult. But by using some simple marketing techniques, you can make your business fashionable in your city, and you won’t stop receiving clients daily.

Here we give you some keys to consider for an effective online marketing plan for your bar.

Extra Activities Or Services

What if you create a literary bar, and then once a month, you offer a literature workshop or invite an author from the region to speak about their work? The extra activities or services in bars are usually very well received by the clientele because it is one of the ways to generate a community around your bar and make it transcend the category of “place of sale of drinks” to pass to be a meeting space and real enjoyment for those who visit it.…

Special Thanks To Dallas Painting Company For Help With Interior Painting Renovations

The transformation of Venture’s Painting expert touch on a local bar through interior painting has left an indelible mark on the establishment’s atmosphere and appeal. The project began as a collaboration between the bar’s owners and the painting company’s skilled team, aiming to breathe new life into the space while retaining its unique character.

Careful consideration was given to color selection, with the goal of creating an ambiance that seamlessly blended comfort, vibrancy, and relaxation. A palette of warm earth tones was chosen to cultivate a cozy atmosphere, complementing the bar’s existing rustic decor. The incorporation of rich browns, muted oranges, and deep reds added depth and a touch of sophistication, while subtle accents of metallic gold brought an element of luxury to the space.

The interior painting project extended beyond mere color application. Faux finishes and texture techniques were employed strategically to create visual interest and a tactile experience. Accent walls were treated with a distressed texture, lending a rustic and inviting charm. The bar area received a faux leather finish, contributing to a sense of authenticity that resonated with the bar’s theme.

The painting company’s attention to detail and craftsmanship was evident in the execution of the project. Each brushstroke was carefully applied to accentuate architectural features, transforming them into focal points. The selection of a matte finish not only added depth to the colors but also minimized glare, enhancing the cozy and intimate atmosphere.

Lighting played a significant role in highlighting the transformed space. The painting company worked closely with lighting experts to ensure that the colors came to life under various lighting conditions. The interplay between the paint’s hues and the strategically placed lights resulted in a dynamic ambiance that changed as the day progressed.

The bar’s transformation wasn’t just a visual upgrade; it was an immersive experience. The patrons noticed and appreciated the careful attention to detail. The new interior not only enhanced the bar’s aesthetic appeal but also redefined the overall customer experience. The inviting colors, textures, and finishes worked harmoniously to create an environment where patrons felt at ease, fostering longer stays and repeat visits.

In the end, it helped to showcase how a thoughtful interior painting project could turn a conventional space into a unique haven. The bar’s newfound charm, elegance, and comfort are a testament to the transformative power of color, texture, and expert craftsmanship, underscoring the profound impact that interior painting can have on an establishment’s identity and success. Special thanks to Venture Painting Dallas.